Strife started in 2008 as a YouTube channel to promote, document, and expand the Bboy culture. Armed with a camera and film crew, Strife set out to create online content aimed to cover Bboy/Bgirl lifestyle and culture; showing the world that Bboying/Bgirling is more than just a dance, but an athletic art form and diverse culture.

Through webisodes, documentaries, and other types of media, Strife has created a place for people to view highlights and results of top events, see incredible battles with the best crews, watch interviews of their favorite Bboys and Bgirls, and enjoy various other features in order to create a community for both veterans and newcomers to explore and learn about the culture.

Strife’s team has expanded from the U.S. to Korea and the U.K., becoming a global brand and international voice for Bboys.

Strife plans to expand their coverage to include all forms of progressive, urban art from diverse cultures. Stay tuned for new videos each month and more features as the site grows. Peace!