Meet the Crew


Erich Nemcek

Possibly the most elusive member/co-creator of the Strife team; you would need to travel to a remote chain of islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean to actually find him. Erich has experience as a television news producer, a passion for dance and filmmaking, and the uncanny ability to stare at a computer screen for vast stretches of time (a.k.a. “post-production” skillz). Currently a member of the Red Eye Jedis crew.


Loan Hoang

Loan's dance career started during her freshman year in college. After taking her first breaking class at UCLA's Wooden Center, she knew that this was something that was going to impact the rest of her life. From then on she trained and danced extensively with world renowned dancers and pioneers of bboying/bgirling, house and waacking. She has also studied various forms of traditional Thai and Javanese dance and theater. She appreciates all forms of movement. Loan’s voracious appetite for expression knows no boundaries. She approaches dance and performance with an open mind, heart and body.


Mitchel Dumlao

On one fateful day in 2008, Mitchel and his friends created Strife TV. A student of Hip Hop and Film, he decided to harmonize his two passions to document the culture in its purest form. A graduate from UC Santa Barbara with a degree in Film Studies, Mitchel spent 6 years in Hollywood working as a development executive and literary manager, producing numerous short films and projects that have traveled the globe. Mitchel has also been a DJ and dancer for over 10 years. Now with his brilliant Strife TV team, they are on a quest to expand the brand into a hub for Hip Hop entertainment and philanthropy.


Peter Kang aka "KBE"

In August 2009, KBE joined Strife.TV as a host for Rivers Studio | BBOY CRIBS. Since then, he has been a part of numerous videos as either a host, camera-man, or editor. He started b-boyin’ (breakin’) in 2000 and feels very fortunate for the opportunities it has brought him. When he is not dancing, he loves to try new restaurants, travel, or watch movies.